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Why Choose NordPass?

  • Simpler – better user experience

We put an emphasis on cohesive and straightforward user experience. We employ easy-to-use UX patterns and practices and adapt our apps in accordance to native OS standards that allow our users achieve their goals effortlessly.

  • Nicer – better user interface

We believe that less is more when it comes to user interface. We relentlessly focus on designing clear, decluttered, and pixel-perfect interfaces to help our users get a handle on the product’s functionality and interact without unnecessary frictions.

  • Faster – better software and services

The devil’s in the details. From customer communication to every single line of code, we work on every facet to improve the product as a whole. We open new communication channels, improve the content that we provide our users, and adopt the latest technologies to streamline the best software and services.

  • Safer – better security by design

Security is at the forefront of everything we do. We build our apps on principles of zero-knowledge architecture and subject them to independent security audits so our users wouldn’t have to take our word for it.

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