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Aout Newport Landing Whale Watching

  • 26,000. According to Newport Landing Whale Watching, that’s about how many gray whales are left in the world, all of which make their home in the Pacific Ocean.
  • The largest group of these feeds in the waters of North Alaska from December through April, when something special happens. Hundreds upon hundreds of these whales migrate along Laguna Beach, hugging the coastline and swimming near Newport Bay—which is right where Newport Landing’s vessels are waiting.
  • Passengers and their cameras await the magnificent creatures aboard three different boats: the Ocean ExplorerNautilus, and Western Pride. Captains with decades of experience point out the gray whales, as well as other creatures.
  • Watchers frequently spot giant pods of 1,000 or more common and bottlenose dolphins that often come within arms length of the boat. Blue whales, the largest known animal to ever exist, can stretch up to 90 feet long and used to be a rare sight in Southern California but may also be seen along with finback whales during the period of mid-April through October.
  • Humpback and minke whales is also sighted year round. A California sea lion or brown pelican might even make a special appearance—just don’t expect them to do their signature catchphrases.
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