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42% off New York City Craft Brew Fest

New York City Craft Brew Fest

Savor an evening of unlimited craft beer samples, live entertainment, and interactive fun at Chelsea Industrial’s eclectic Beer and Cider Festival – where the best of a Beer Garden meets the variety of a Craft Beer Festival!

Join us at Chelsea Industrial for an evening of diverse and superbly crafted beer and cider, encompassing a unique blend of a Beer Garden atmosphere and the expansive choices you’d find at a Craft Beer Festival. Indulge in unlimited craft beer samples throughout the night, complemented by live entertainment, delectable food, and engaging interactive games. It’s a celebration of flavors and festivities under one roof! Live DJ will perform at the event.

Saturday, March 9 · 1 - 4:30pm

Saturday, March 9 · 6 - 9:30pm